Onyx (Banded/Black)

Onyx (Banded and Black)

Properties: Believed to be an element of creation; feared by some for its ability to hold physical memories of the wearer inducing depression or re-living old trauma, but with proper intent can help integrate the dualities of self, offering the wearing the most potent source of strength/self-mastery/endurance. A guidance stone.

Uses: for protection; keeping keen senses; fighting fears associated with bullying or terrorism; traversing desolate lands; protection against nightmares/fear of the dark; to stimulate intuitive powers/visions; boost confidence in passionate times.

Chakras: Earthstar & Root

Astrological Sign: Leo

Physical Associations: immune system strengthener; provides stamina & vitality to the body; prevents relapses; aides in cell regeneration; regulation of fluids; beneficial for teeth/bones/bone marrow/soft tissue structures/feet/legs

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