Copper Smudge Tray

Used to hold herbal smudge sticks. Whether it be sage, cedar, mugwort, etc., this piece offers a resting place for any smudge wand. Hand Crafted copper tray with attached coiled copper handle and spiral for holding the wand. The copper tray catches ash and embers. These beautiful trays are used to hold either the large (9 ") or small (6") Smudge sticks, whether it be made of sage, cedar, mugwort, or other sacred ceremonial herbs.

Large tray holds 9″ Smudge Stick. 

Small tray holds 6" Smudge Stick

* Although the picture above depicts the tray with a smudge stick, this item only includes the tray. We do sell them together as a separate item with a sage smudge bundle. This is sold separately here for those who may wish to use something other than sage or to just obtain a tray.

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