Desert Rose

Desert Rose

Properties: Keeps you grounded and protects from negative energy, as well as purifying it. Because this stone is Selenite based, it will charge and cleanse other crystals when placed around them. Desert Rose is a stone for anyone who feels as though they need a constant rejuvenation of energy.

Uses: Assists in mental clarity and focus, manifestation, and self-expression, and unlocking our divine will. The best place to put this stone is at your bedside, workspace, or wherever you meditate as it can help cleanse your aura and environment. It can also help remove blockages between chakras which in turn can ease the flow of energy within.

Chakras: Root, Crown

Astrological Association: Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus

Physical Associations:  Skin, Sex drive, Fertility, Flexibility, Tissue Regeneration, Addiction, Fatigue

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