Dream Catcher


This beautiful handmade dream catcher is another magical creation by Ramona Hensley, local healer and owner of "Designs by Spiritual Connections," and Morningstar Wellness. 

Historically, dream catchers were hung above the beds of children to protect them from bad dreams and evil spirits while they sleep.  They originate from the Ojibwa nation and legends of Anishinaabe, also known as Spider Woman, a benevolent spirit who watches over children.  Legends relay that the spider web design helps the good dreams to pass through the hanging beads or feathers down to the children, while the bad dreams would be caught in the web and would disappear as soon as the first rays of sun shined on the web in the morning. Ramona Hensley is a Native American artist who creates spiritual gifts and items for the community, and this is certainly one of her incredible mystical creations.

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