These drums are artisan handmade drums made by Barbara Ocskai of Soul Proprietor. Please read more about her wonderful journey into the creation of these drums and her other spirit work at: These soulful, Shamanic drums are made from animal hides and cedar, and are imbued with the spirit of the animal and the tree, making them a living, breathing entity. One is made of Horse and cedar, one is made of Elk and cedar, and one is made of Deer and cedar.

The drum is a sacred tool which has many uses, such as use in healing ceremonies, personal journey work, for connection with the Mystery and the spirits that protect you. It is a sacred honor to be the keeper of a drum and takes great thought and intention. Making a drum is a long, laborious task which takes physical stamina and spiritual fortitude, so they are priced accordingly. Each drum has its own voice and its own power, so this may be something you prefer to purchase in person after you feel and hear the drum. 

If you do feel inclined to purchase these drums online, please know that this price is for the drum only. The beater is something you can either purchase separately or make yourself as you see fit. 

All my relations!

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