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Dryer Ball

    • Add some play to drying clothes

      These dryer balls are handmade by local artist, Holly Court, owner of Solstad Farm in Sequim. The organic wool used is from the sheep she raises along with two goats, two cows, horses and chickens. You may notice that some have "Chaffe," which comes from the feed or field debris and is a natural occurrence, despite the wool having been picked and washed twice before being spun into dryer balls. The dyes used are 90% kool aide and in some occasion, nontoxic landscape dyes.

      Due to how quickly these items sell, you will receive random colors depending on available stock. If you have a particular request, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you. Call us at: (360) 457-1067 during our hours of operation. 

    • Three is the Magic Number

      Of course using one to two balls is perfectly fine, but it is best to use at least three balls at a time to open up the clothes and speed drying times. More balls = shorter dry time.

      Dryer balls are capable of absorbing up to 30% of their weight in water. The wool balls move in a way that helps separate laundry items allowing the air and heat to circulate more efficiently and in turn items dry faster. This also allows provides distribution of the humidity inside the dryer, reducing static and wrinkles.

      How to use your Dryer Balls
      • Place clothes in dryer
      • Toss in dryer balls
      • Turn on dryer and experience the magic
      • Avoid over-drying clothes this will cause the balls to be too dry and will produce static cling!

      To scent your dryer balls: take a hypodermic needle and inject the essential oil of your choice into the dryer ball. Do not apply the essential oil to the outside of the ball as it will transfer onto the clothes being dried.

      Dyrer Ball benefits:
      • Energy saver, improves drying efficiency
      • Environmentally friendly
      • Supports local artists & businesses
      • Sustainably harvested
    • Care and Cleaning

      Wash with light soap and warm water. May air dry or dry in dryer.

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