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Empowerment Flower Essence


Empowerment Flower Essence Combination encourages a healthy sense of self, centeredness and fortitude. This formula can help us to feel more confident within ourselves when faced with challenges or difficult choices. In general, it helps us access who we are on a deeper level, feel good about who we are and confidently operate from that place. Additionally, it can connect someone with their deeper purpose.


An aqueous infusion of the following wildflowers and gems in 80% spring water and 20% organic grape alcohol. Mountain Avens, Wood Crane's Bill, White Desert Primrose, Wild Pansy, Star Leaf, Desert Marigold, Rowan, Spanish Bayonet Yucca, Clematis, Elder, Immortelle, Willow, White Saxifrage, Rainbow Cactus, Hedgehog Cactus & Yellow Mullein.

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