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Jasper (Kambaba) tumbled


Properties: Kambaba Jasper is the stone of peace and tranquility. It takes you back to your roots and reconnects you to the energy of Mother Earth. It attunes you to the deeper cycles and rhythms of nature. Meditate with it to hear the wisdom that nature has to offer.

Uses: Alleviates stress, induces tranquility, cleanses/eliminates negative energy, stabilizes aura, increases one’s focus, banishes nightmares and harmful thoughts, and con

Chakras: Activates the Root and Heart Chakra

Physical associations: Treats the digestive system, particularly the elimination of toxins and assimilation vitamins and minerals. Controls the flow of the bile, reputedly cleanses the gall blander

Astrological Signs: Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, Scorpio

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