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Lepidolite (tumbled)


 Properties: Lepidolite is a calming stone that soothes sleep disturbances and emotional stress, bringing deep    emotional healing. It is useful in reduction of stress and depression.  It encourages independence and achieving goals without outside help. Aids in shamanic or spiritual journey.

Uses: Lepidolite clears electromagnetic pollution. It dissipates negative energy, halts obsessive thoughts, relieves despondency, overcomes insomnia, and stabilizes mood swings and bipolar disorders. Aids with dependency and addictions.

Chakras: Activates and opens the throat, heart, third eye and crown chakra.

Physical associations: Relieves allergies, strengthens immune system, & restructures DNA It numbs sciatica, neuralgia & overcomes joint problems. Detox for the skin and connective tissue. Good for menopause.

Astrological Signs: Libra

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