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Opopanax Overview

Opopanax, also known as "Sweet Myrhh," and comes from the resin of the tree Commiphora guidotii.  It has been used in Northern Africa as a calming aid for meditation and  for protection in spiritual rituals and as a sacred offering. Opopanax has a warming, stimulating fragrance that is earthy, floral, spicy and sweet without the bitterness of traditional Myrhh. This resin is sustainably sourced through a co-op in Somalia.

To burn these Sacred Tree Resins, place a Natural Coconut Charcoal directly onto an electric burner. Turn the burner on high until red-hot. After 30 seconds, use metal tongs to flip the charcoal. After another 30 seconds, or until charcoal is red-hot, use metal tongs to remove the charcoal from the burner and place it onto a non-flammable metal, stone, or glass burning surface. Turn off the electric stove. Sprinkle small granules of resin onto the charcoal and enjoy some of the oldest incense used in the World.

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