Mind Ease


The mind finds comfort and centering through this important floral ally that releases negative mental states, confusion and repetitive thoughts. Mind Ease brings clarity, centeredness and calm to an overactive mind. It can be used to support the healing of mild to moderate patterns of unceasing obsessive-type thoughts (isn't intended to replace medical care). Alongside working deeply on unconscious roots of mental disharmony, Mind Ease can enhance our conscious awareness around unhealthy mental patterns. For example, it can enhance awareness around how we are choosing to use our mind; thus empowering us to let go of unhealthy mental and emotional patterns. This mind settling formula can be used to address any negative pattern of the mind and its associated emotional state. It’s very helpful for times when we feel troubled or confused, can’t calm our thoughts, and have a tendency to let the mind override our deeper knowing.

Mind Ease can be used often throughout the day or before sleep (very good for children). Remember that with flower essences, the frequency of dose is more important than quantity. Consider using this combination more frequently to calm an overactive mind (every 5-10 minutes during an especially overactive phase).


An aqueous infusion of the following wildflowers and gems in 80% spring water and 20% organic grape alcohol. White Chestnut, Palo Santo, Rosa Rugosa, Dill, Starwort, Rose L Hay, Blue Hill salvia, Immortelle, Clematis, True Wood Sorrel, St. John's Wort, Lobb's Buckwheat, Watermelon, French Lavender, Purple Saxifrage, White Saxifrage, Icelandic Sage, Bachelor buttons, Morning glory, Angel's trumpet, Wild Rose, Sacred Basil, Gardenia, White trillium, White California Poppy, Gold California Poppy, Ice plant, Freesia & Aspen. The gem essences of Apophyllite, Rose Quartz and Ice cream opal.

15 mL Dropper Bottle

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