Properties: The “Stone of Travelers,” provides protection to travelers, a gift for lover’s passion, channel for prophecy and a path to wisdom. Tied intimately to the moon and its mysteries; allowing access to inner truth and journeying.

Uses: To invoke protection of travelers and road rage; open the heart to nurturing qualities of love (new love or the protection of secret love); stimulate the kundalini energy; enhance fertility; aide in self-expression (dancers/artists); inspires educators; and effective in encouraging self-love and value in oneself.

Chakras: Crown

Astrological Sign: Cancer

Physical Associations: female reproductive system, skin, hair, eyes and fleshy organs; aides in enhancing fertility, promoting ease in pregnancy/childbirth, alleviating menstrual problems, balancing the hormonal system, and eliminating fluid retention.  Useful in treating insomnia, as a growth stone for children and teens as well as slowing elderly degeneration.

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