Nanum Car II Diffuser


The Nanum II Car Diffuser boasts an independent dual USB charger, user-friendly design that is more practical and convenient offering simultaneous charging and humidification. This diffuser comes with an angled adjustable neck, so you may adjust the direction of the flow of steam for different locations of the vehicle.


  • Humidifier (It can increase humidity of air, reducing dust and bacteria.)
  • Air purifier (Dual mode: humidifier mode and aromatherapy diffusion mode)
  • Aroma diffuser
  • Charger (2 hours automatic power-off protection) 
  • 180 degree rotation to make full humidification.


The Nanum II is very easy to use. Just rotate the water tank clockwise to remove, add essential oils to the absorbent strip add water to the tank and replace  the tank, rotating counter-clockwise to fasten it tightly. Then plug the device into your car port and press the on/off button. Using too much oil will require cleaning more often. Clean with vinegar.

  • Healthy material
  • Quality ABS material is used for hygienic safety
  • easy cleaning and durable.Zero radiation.Healthy and pollution-free,Silent effect is good and moist.


Material: ABS + PP + Electronic component
Voltage: DC 12V
Working current: 130mA-150mA
Power: 1.5-3.5W
Water tank capacity: 50ml
Spray amount: 20-30ml/h
Single weight:  90g(1 USB),91g (2 USB )
Product Size: 68 × 70 × 210MM
Package Size: 70 × 90 × 220MM

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