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Pitta Essential Oil Blend

  • Roll on the cooling, calming and purifying Pitta to soothe hot anger and reduce harsh and judgmental thinking.

    We now are offering Floracopeia's popular Pitta blend in the convenience of a roll-on bottle. Aromatherapy can fit easily into your daily lifestyle: we are loving the convenience of being able to access this mental shifting power throughout our fast-moving days!

    This roll-on is a wonderful size for stowing in your purse, pocket or desk. We designed this product with our original, pure essential oil PItta Blend in an optimal dilution of moisturizing jojoba oil (one of our very favorite carrier oils for its affinity and bio-compatability with the skin). Pitta is a blend that will instantly clear the mind and cool the emotions. Pitta Roll-on provides instant aromatherapy to move you through upset and frustration.

    This is a great way to introduce the power of aromatherapy to yourself or to others. The Pitta Blend cools and calms a heated mind or nervous system. It is an effective floral relaxant and simultaneously promotes uplifting moods.

    It is the perfect oil for those with tendencies towards irritability, anger or an uptight personality. With regular use, the workaholic will gain great benefit from the cool, calming effects of the Pitta Blend. It is a nice oil for children and will support pleasant moods and greater attention span. Aromatically, the Pitta Blend is pleasantly floral, sweet, and slightly herbaceous.

    A few tips: Shake lightly before each use. Apply directly to small areas of dry skin as a convenient skin moisturizer with an added aromatic benefit. Apply to clean skin to keep the contents pure. Jojoba is incredibly shelf stable, but will last best if kept out of direct sunlight and heat.

    A note about quality: Floracopeia strives to use the best materials available. The bottle is glass and the roll-on applicator ball is stainless steel.

    Product Details
    • Botanical Blend: Lavender Kashmir (Lavendula angustifolia), Rose-Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens)and Ruh Khus (Vetiveria zizaniodes).
    • Roll-On: 10mL
  • How to Use Pitta Essential Oil Blend
    • Direct Palm Inhalation: Take the Pitta Blend Roll-on with you on your day and use through direct palm inhalation for an immediate effect (apply the bottle across the palms once from side to side, rub together and take 2-3 deep breaths into the hands). Also, you can apply to your wrists and rub together to continue to experience the benefit. The Pitta Blend is effective anytime you're feeling physically or mentally heated or overdriven.
    • One Minute Massage: Use regularly throughout the hot summer days for a cooling, calming effect. Roll-on across the palms several times and massage into your hands and back of neck for an instant relaxing shift. The jojoba will leave your skin softened.
    Other Ways To Use Pitta Essential Oil Blend
    • Use Pitta Roll-on in your personal abhyanga oil (daily massage oil) before or during your shower to soothe and cool the nervous system and the skin. To do this roll the bottle across your palms once or twice from side to side and then add a pump of your abhyanga oil, then massage.
    • Apply Pitta Roll-on to your wrists a few times side to side right before soaking in a warm bath. The oils will diffuse in the bathwater and stimulate your senses. Use the soothing Pitta blend to relax, cool the mind and emotions, and inspire love and grace.
  • Safety Considerations for Pitta Essential Oil Blend

    Non-irritant and non-sensitizing. Do not take internally.


    For educational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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