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Stress Relief


Stress Relief supports balance and harmony during stressful times. It is a relaxing and soothing floral blend designed to energetically support the nervous system and provide immediate emotional soothing. It is often chosen to bring quick relief during stressful times, traumatic events, emergency situations, and uncomfortable life transitions. It is an effective and comprehensive alternative to Bach’s Rescue Remedy. It releases tension, especially that of an emotional nature, to aid healing and rejuvenation. Stress Relief can also be used to stabilize, soothe, strengthen and protect against overstimulation, nervousness and daily stress. By spreading peace and calm throughout our body, it stabilizes and supports the healing of a wide range of issues for both people and animals.


An aqueous infusion of the following wildflowers in 80% spring water and 20% organic grape alcohol. Wild Lavender, Palo Santo, Self-Heal, Scots Pine, Red clover, Rowan, Horsetail, Chamomile, Star of Bethlehem, Lady's Smock, Clematis, Dandelion, Rush, Snowline Wintergreen, Golden Yarrow, Fairy Bells, Clematis, Icelandic Alpine Mouse-ear and Bog Whortleberry.

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