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Bloodstone Tumbled

Properties: Known as “The Sun Stone & Christ Stone.” Inherent in speaking of life/birth, vitality, strength, passion and courage. A talisman reflecting good health and a long life to be lived.

Uses: Wear as an amulet of protection against threats of bullying, verbal or physical violence; increase mental clarity and aid in decision making; stimulate dreaming and heighten intuition; increase creativity; encourage blessings and prosperity; assist human/animal mothers in the bonding process

Chakras: Root

Astrological Sign: Libra

Physical Associations: Number 1 stone for physical healing. Stimulates the immune and circulatory systems; enhances energy flow; brings balance to the body; treats migraines; vertigo; motion sickness; assists in metabolism, exhaustion and weight loss; can be used as a toxin eliminator; can sooth painful/injured areas, especially burns.

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