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Rhodonite Tumbled

Properties: A stone of purpose, cooperation, community, altruism & generosity of spirit; an emotional healer. Inspiring to further the brother/sister hood of humanity by encouraging love for others and ourselves; connects heart to Mother Earth.

Uses: used to hold back insults/revenge/retaliation/self-destruction; to balance emotions; dispels jealousy and envy; encourages control of tempers in teens; effective in learning to take back projections; in times when loving yourself is imperative; to learn new languages; transmute excessive libido into loving unions.

Chakras: Heart

Astrological Signs: Scorpio, Libra, Taurus

Physical Associations: Supports the flow of chi; strengthens heart/muscles/circulatory system/endocrine system; may aid in soothing skin irritations and healing cuts/wounds/scar reducer/hearing/chronic lung conditions

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