About Our Store: Wild Spirit Herbals

Wild Spirit Herbals is a retail herbal apothecary in downtown Port Angeles, WA, with an inventory of over a thousand herbal products and natural gift items. Come visit us and let our trained staff help you with your herbal needs. If quality capsules or tinctures and glycerites are more your speed... well you're in luck.  We have the widest selection of tinctures and glycerites on the Olympic Peninsula. And for those of you who are into herbal infused oils, or essential oils and diffusers, we have many high quality products from which to choose. We seriously have just about everything a budding herbalist may need to make your own herbal remedies at home, or you can purchase Strictly Medicinal seeds and grab some of our herb harvesting equipment and become the herbal farmer extraordinaire! If spirituality is your focus, we offer incense and herbs used for spiritual purification, or stones and crystals and much more!  We strive to create a healing environment to support our customer's well-being and to decrease the stress of life in general, even if just for a moment! Come spend some time with our friendly staff or sit quietly in our reading nook by the fireplace and find a book on herbalism that calls to you, while you enjoy a fresh brewed sample of our daily featured tea. We hope to see you soon!

Meet the staff


Hi, I'm Shannon Smith and I am the owner and founder of Wild Spirit Herbals, LLC. I have had a long journey with herbs, starting in 1997, with my own health crisis that only plants would heal. This health crisis was my first introduction to Bastyr and its marvelous naturopathic clinic in Seattle. It was there that I became a believer of alternative medicine as a whole, for western medicine had failed to heal the root of the constant throat infections that had plagued me since I was a young girl. In two weeks, Bastyr Clinic, not only saved my life from an infection that four successive rounds of antibiotics couldn’t touch, but it made me well enough to get the tonsillectomy I needed to have for it was too late for my tonsils. As most herbalists start out, at first my journey was a solo one.  I was introduced to the medicine plants one at a time as the opportunities presented themselves. Many of my teachers in the early days were medicine people of different Native American tribes. This led to a Spiritual Awakening as my path led to a submersion into the natural world and brought me to sweat lodge ceremonies, and the ceremonial use of herbs. Still practicing and using herbal remedies on myself and my loved ones, I yearned for more knowledge. Bastyr University added the Herbal Sciences program to their accredited degree programs. When I read about this program, a mixture of Materia Medica (the use of medicinal plants) and Science, I knew it was for me, as although I am a very spiritually centered person, I am also very much grounded in Science and realism. I deeply appreciate the hours and hours of time and research that people have poured into finding out how plant medicine works, and which part of the body is affected by particular constituents in plants. I enrolled in Bastyr’s Herbal Science program in 2014 and graduated in June of 2016. I have had the privilege of working with many talented healers along the way, including all my professors at Bastyr University. I feel passionate about bringing this knowledge to my community and hope to expand our knowledge, yours and mine, and to expand the use of these ancient traditions that we have forgotten or misplaced. Come grow with me and submerge yourself in the wisdom of our green friends!




This is Gina Lorentzen. She has been with me since the beginning. Gina has always had a love for plants, and has been an avid gardener for over 33 years. She is the go to for growing our large selection of medicinal seeds. She has been a folk herbalist for many years, and has a wealth of knowledge to share with our community. Gina has also been blessed with ever-flowing creativity, which has been the driving force behind  her past career of 19+ years as one of our local florists. This creativity is evident in the design of our fabulous window displays, many silk arrangements in our store, and other creative gift ideas that we offer here at Wild Spirit Herbals. She is a dedicated, hard working, loving maternal force that we all appreciate and depend upon.


*This section is under construction! Thank you for caring enough to investigate! Our intention is to have all our staff represented here very shortly.