Citric Acid

Suggested Use

 As a preservative or additive to food, cosmetics, or other natural products.


This Citric Acid is derived from 100% pure anhydrous citric acid from sugar cane. The submerged fermentation process of cane sugar is a crystallization process and is Non-GMO certified, USP grade and is soluble in water and alcohol. Citric acid is used as a natural preservative and to guard against appearance loss. It is also a terrific base to natural products such as scrubbing salts and bath bombs (it is the fizzing agent in bath bombs.) Citric acid has also been used in food, beverages, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Citric acid is easily assimilated and excreted by the human body and is present in almost every life form. Citric acid remains a white powder at room temperature, but is easily dissolved into recipes by heating it in liquid above 74 degrees Celsius.

Typical Analysis

Assay- 100% Pure
Color- White
Appearance- Crystalline powder
Odor- Odorless
Heavy metals- less than 3 ppm
Moisture- 0.05%
Storage Temperature- Not to exceed 90 °F
Mesh Size- US #30 Mesh

Sold by the ounce.

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