Complete Tissue & Bone


A synergistic combination of herbs for bones, flesh & cartilage.

Dr Christopher’s famous Complete Tissue & Bone formula (formerly Bone Flesh & Cartilage) is a synergistic combination of 12 whole food herbs. This formula seems to bring instant relief by helping the body use its natural healing abilities. Although this formula is used to help bones and cartilage it was originally created to treat a severe case of acne for the daughter of a woman who came to Dr. Christopher feeling panicked due to her daughter's contemplation of suicide over her acne problem. It quickly cleared her acne problem. My father used it to help his knee which needed surgery. While he was waiting for approval he used this remedy and was able to wait several years before he needed the surgery. He calls it "magic wax." This formula has been used  60 years now with great benefit to many. 


Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, White Oak Bark, Comfrey Root, Mullein Leaf, Black Walnut Leaf, Marshmallow Root, Gravel Root, Wormwood Herb, Lobelia Herb, Skullcap Herb & Beeswax.


2 oz. Salve

2 oz. Massage Oil

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