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  • Taste the Lustre of Life

    These gorgeous copper water bottles are hand hammered by an Ayurvedic Practioner who gained this artisanal skill while living and studying in India. Drinking water from pure copper vessels is an ancient Ayurvedic practice, which may bring you many benefits such as aiding good digestion, increasing iron uptake, alkalizing and purifying the water you drink from this vessel. Please follow all instructions included for cleaning the bottle before you use it and how to properly use  and care for this drinking vessel.

    Living Water is the foundation of your health

    Not all water is the same. The kind of container you use will have a positive or negative effect on healthy water.

  • Water Alchemy

    Copper is a precious metal that is beautiful and offers benefits for the body, mind and spirit.

    How to use your Copper Bottle
    1. Before first use, rinse and scrub thoroughly with lemon juice or vinegar added to water
    2. Fill bottle with water at night to sit for at least 6 hours to infuse trace amounts of copper daily
    3. Drink first thing on an empty stomach in the morning to have better absorption of the supplemental copper
    4. Use freely as your water bottle all day with no more copper infusing
    5. Do not store water in copper more than 48 hours

    Copper may bring benefits like:
    • Aids in good digestion and weight loss
    • Clears skin and accelerates wound healing
    • Slows the aging process
    • Helps anemia by increasing iron uptake
    • Lightens mental fog and depression
    • Create Alkaline blood chemistry
    • Act as a natural antibiotic
  • Care and Cleaning

    Pure Copper possesses natural characteristics, undergoing oxidation which results in natural dark patterns and enhanced rustic look if left over a period of time. These are not stains and only the natural properties of pure copper. When this happens just thoroughly wash your bottle before first use and on a routine basis using recommended procedures. Taking good care of Pure Copper bottles maximized the health benefits it has to offer.

    Natural Cleaning Methods
    • Method 1: Soak bottle overnight in water with a few tablespoons of lemon juice or vinegar. Rub baking soda paste to neutralize the acids followed by regular washing with natural dish soap in the morning
    • Method 2: If the copper bottle gets tarnished, boil in a pot of water with 1tb salt and 1 cup of white vinegar, then rub with baking soda paste to neutralize acids and follow with regular wash with natural dish soap

    The interior of Copperware may have natural copper patterns. These are not stains and only a sign of purity.

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