Custom Tincture/Glycerite/Oil

Herbalist, Shannon Smith, can create a custom tincture/glycerite/oil for you with any of the herbs we have listed as "Wild Spirit Herbals" in our tincture and glycerite collection or from the bulk herbs we carry.  Our tinctures and glycerites are high quality extracts manufactured by Heron Botanicals, from Kingston, WA.  We do not diagnose or treat any illness and can not legally give an herbal consultation or advice over the phone or via the internet. Herbal Consultations can only be done in person. If you know the herbs you need mixed we'd be happy to do that for you. Or if you have already received an herbal consultation and are wanting a refill, please call and we can refill your special order and manually enter you into the website.

Collections: Tinctures & Glycerites

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