Island Thyme Aromatherapy Massage Oil

Earth Song Overview

For massage, bath or body. Earthy and warm, with notes of ginger, patchouli and lemongrass, in a base of pure sweet almond oil. For those that love sensuous deeper notes this blend is specifically for you. Try right after the shower as a 100% natural moisturizer.  Your skin will love it...

Ingredients: Base of sweet almond oil, essential oil blend including ginger, lemongrass, and patchouli

Ginger/Cardamom Overview

The ginger and cardamom massage oil, a new favorite, is combined with a hint of vanilla  creating a sweet but spicy aromatherapy, sure to warm your muscles and brighten your mood. This oil can also be added to the bath tub or used as an after shower moisturizer to brighten and energize your everyday!  

Ingredients: Ginger and cardamom essential oils combined with a hint of vanilla make an irresistible spicy and bright combination

Heart's Desire Overview

For massage, bath & body. The essential oils of sweet and floral ylang ylang, is paired with warming and spicy ginger and clove and sensual, relaxing and grounding sandalwood. These oils are blended into a base of sweet almond oil, for a marvelously relaxing aroma that many massage therapists use with great reception from their clients. It as great for adding to a bath or for use right after a shower, as well, as it is a 100% natural moisturizer

Ingredients: Pure essential oils of sandalwood, ylang-ylang, ginger, and clove in a base of sweet almond oil

Wood Spirit Overview

For massage, bath or body.  This gorgeous oil could be described as a journey into the deep forest.  You will want to breathe deep and inhale all of its beautiful aromas. Contains fir, spruce, rosewood, cypress, eucalyptus and wild marjoram essential oils in a base of almond oil. Try right after the shower as a 100% natural moisturizer or a few drop in a bath.  Your skin will love it.


Ingredients: Fir, spruce, rosewood, cypress, eucalyptus, and wild marjoram essential oils in a base of almond oil. 

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