Epsom Salt


Epsom Salt is magnesium sulfate, a salt compound that is time tested and safe. It has many uses. Epsom salt can help supplement your body with magnesium as a soak through the skin, or ease sore muscles, and can help you sleep better at night. It is also antibacterial and fungal, so soaking your feet can help with foot fungus or soaking your body can help with flus and colds. It can be used as a soak or compress to draw out a splinter. It can be added as an exfoliant in beauty products. It is also used in gardening as a fertilizer for plants. 


Use 2 cups per standard bath under running hot water to dissolve.

Use 1 cup for a foot soak.

Use  2 tbsp./cup of water for removing a splinter.

Use 1 tsp mixed with water to make an exfoliant paste for the face.

Add 1 tbsp. per foot of plant once a week during watering as a fertilizer (or sprinkle it around your plants during slug season to ward them off.)

Warning: For external use only.

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