Island Thyme Eucalyptus Respiratory Balm


If you are suffering sinus congestion, chest congestion, or congestion from allergies, this tingly Eucalyptus Respiratory Balm, will help to sooth your respiratory discomfort.  Made with eucalyptus, mint and a blend of other respiratory soothing essential oils, it is a potent cold remedy to help adults or children with the discomforts of colds and congestion. This remedy is potent yet still gentle enough to use directly on the skin, including directly under a chapped nose!

It is a great natural soother for adults or children getting through the discomforts of colds and congestion.


beeswax, sweet almond oil, essential oil blend including eucalyptus, peppermint, fir, lavender and more.


Apply below the nose, on ears or chest when congested or on the bottoms of your feet. Keep away from the eyes and wash hands after application.

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