Harmonjots Moon Bath Sachet


A pleasant, relaxing blend of herbs and bath salts, originally formulated for use during the full moon. Since the full moon is a time to release and let go, it is important to release emotional baggage or blockages with a full moon ritual, as well as physical toxins. The Himalayan salt in this bath sachet helps your body release physical toxins from your body by drawing them out while you soak and relax your muscles. The the salt adds minerals back into your system. Kava kava and damiana add to the muscle relaxation, while the rosemary, rose petals, and rose geranium essential oil adds blessings, purification and love back into your body, mind and spirit leaving you cleansed and renewed. You can add a moonstone or rose quartz to your bath to deepen your spiritual experience.



Organic rosemary leaf, organic damiana leaf, organic kava kava root, organic rose petals, organic Himalayan pink salt, Rose geranium essential oil


Collections: Bath & Body

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