Lucent Glass Iced Tea Jug w/ Capsule Infuser


Iced tea to the rescue, quench that thirst!

Game changer, with the Lucent Glass Iced Tea Jug that you can quickly make your favorite ice tea. Experience delicious tea flavor by cold brewing your favorite tea, and preserve the vitamin and mineral content at the same time with an overnight cold brew. The jug is made from lead-free, heat resistant borosilicate glass making it easy to clean by hand due to its cylindrical shape. The infuser is made from durable stainless steel.

  • Silicone foot cover will absorb the impact when the pot is placed on hard surface and prevent slip.
  • Comes with  a unique, large capsule infuser which encourages tea to bloom and make full body tea.
  • Hand crafted glass teapot is made from true borosilicate glass. It stays clear and heat resistant.
  • Infuse the tea for desired length of time and remove capsule infuser.  For quick processing brew a strong tea and dilute with ice cold water to the top of jug.
  • All the parts are detachable for easy care and cleaning.

Collections: Teaware

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