Red Flower - Jasmine Rose Rhassoul Clay


Wrap the body from head to toe in this detoxifying blend of rhassoul and bentonite clay and the essential oils of rose, eglantine, jasmine and moroccan blue tansy. Rhassoul is a lava clay sourced from deep beneath the atlas mountains of eastern morocco, that powerfully penetrates the skin and lifts away toxins. Daily life exposes the body to thousands of pollutants and toxins that slowly accumulate in the skin. the regular practice of detoxification aids the body in maintaining a healthy life balance, leaving the skin healthy and radiant. as the combination of clay dries and is washed off, removing impurities, skin is left supple-scented with damascena rose, jasmine grandiflorum and eglantine essentials oils. Feel abundantly fragrant and healed.


Bentonite clay, clove bud oil, jasmine sambac oil, morrocan red clay, palmarosa grass oil, patchouli oil, rose flower oil, rose geranium oil, sugar, ylang ylang oil

Collections: Bath & Body

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