Sage Smudge Wands

White Sage (Salvia apiana), also known as Grandmother Sage, is one of the most Sacred herbs. It has a fresh and pungent odor, which is known to have detoxifying properties and is used to clear negativity spiritually and physically. Sage is used for smudging and clearing space of unwanted energies, for blessing homes and vehicles and as a medicinal tea. 

This herb is widely used in many sacred ceremonies, sweat lodges, drum circles, healing and meditation. It is also burned in smudge pots. 

White Sage is considered an "At Risk" species by the renowned organization known as the United Plant Savers. This sage comes from a Certified Organic Grower of this species in the United States, Sage Winds Farm, located in San Diego County, on a 40- acre farm, which sustainably grows this rare and elusive species. We are proud to not only help preserve this species by our choice to only carry sage from this farm, but also, to preserve traditional ways and ceremonies and the knowledge of traditional plants.


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