Shea Butter Chunks


Shea Butter is extracted from the nuts of of Butyrosperum parkii, the karate nut tree of West Africa. The nuts, or fruit of the tree, is boiled. Then as the fat rises, it is scooped off the top by hand. Then this fat is bleached and deodorized, to remove any particulates that would cause a strong odor. The bleaching and deodorizing process is a non-chemical process using natural clays and does not harm the Shea Butter in any way, nor does it add any toxic chemicals to the process.

Shea butter contains unsaturated fats and some essential fatty acids, phyto sterols, vitamins and allantoin, all which make Shea Butter an extraordinary skin care product and a superfood for both the skin and hair.


Shea Butter is highly emollient, nourishing and moisturizing to the skin and therefore is perfect for use in body and skin care products. It is also great in after-sun products. Shea Butter promotes hair and scalp health, so may be used in hair conditioners. 


Refined Shea Butter (Butyrosperum parkii)


To prepare Shea Butter, melt it in a double boiler and combine with whatever carrier oil (liquid oil) you choose. Then pour into a container to solidify at room temperature.


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