Herbal Handbook


By David Hoffmann

Well-respected herbalist David Hoffmann's comprehensive and practical guide to herbal medicine.

  • Discusses the history and modern practice of herbalism, including Chinese, Native American, and Welsh influences.
  • Includes a practical reference section listing the effects of various herbs, with prescriptions on how to use them for a wide range of illnesses.
  • Covers the fundamentals of growing, drying, storing, and cooking with herbs.
  • Over 45,000 copies of previous edition sold.

This compendium of medical herbalism by one of the most eminent herbalists practicing today is both comprehensive and practical.  Answering basic as well as complicated questions about herbal medicine, it provides both the novice and the experienced practitioner with a reliable framework in which to develop their herbal skills.

A discussion of the history and modern practice of herbalism, encompassing the influences of Welsh, Chinese, and Native American herbal medicine is followed by a practical reference section that lists the various actions herbs have on the body (carminative, anti-inflammatory, etc.), with examples of herbs and their mode of activity in each category.  Herbal prescriptions for various illnesses are also organized under the main systems of the body so that information can be quickly and easily referenced. A final section covers the fundamentals of growing, drying storing and cooking with herbs, as well as the making of infusions, decoctions, oils, and ointments.  The author also provides helpful introductions to aromatherapy and plant medicines.

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