Herbal Medicine from the Heart of the Earth


By Sharol Tilgner

Dr. Sharol Tilgner is an accomplished herbalist, a naturopathic doctor, and the founder and prior owner of Wise Woman Herbals. Sure currently owns and operates Wise Acre Farm where she hosts the NW Herb Fesitval, the Sustainable Lifestyles Festival, and where she shares knowledge with her herbal apprentices. The book contains a Materia Medica, with descriptions of each herb, the part of the herb used, principle constituents of the plants, the mental picture of the person who may benefit from the herb and much more.  The book has chapters organized by body system, with some of the conditions that may be treated herbally in each body system chapter with Sharol's tried and true recipes, and a beautifully written description of what each herb is doing in the formula. In the back of the book are chapters devoted to different types of herbal preparations, such as how to make a tincture, glycerite, poultice, and many more, as well as an invaluable solubility chart which will guide you to choose the correct preparation when making tinctures or glycerites. There are lists of actions that herbs have, organized by each different action. There is so much in this book, that it is one an herbalist or novice can refer to over and over again in their herbal vocation.

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