Hook Line & Sinker


The Olympic Peninsula is notorius for its fishing, and even more for its mysteries. A body has washed up on shore, and from the looks of it, its foul play. Six suspects have been rounded up and your job is to discover the killer and bring them to justice. Can you discover who did the deed? Was it the Chef, Cal Amari with a filet knife or the Movie Star, Rock Lobster with the gaff hook? Did Orange Roughy do something unsavory with the fishing line or perhaps the river guide Red Snapper had a special flare for the flare gun. You'll travel to some of the best fishing locations in the world, from the Hoh River in the west to Pillar Point in the North: from the Dungeness River to the beautiful Lake Quinalt to get to the bottom of the case. 

This fun filled game for the whole family was created by local Port Angeles artist Sam Nugent, using artwork that was inspired by calendars created by Sam for Peninsula Seafoods Inc.

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