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Sprout Bag


Sprout your home-grown superfoods in Sproutman's® Sprout Bag made from 100% organic hemp. This is the original Sprout Bag, made from a unique combination of sustainably produced, chemical-free, untreated Hemp, with a small amount of linen fibers. Great for growing grains and beans- very simple- just dip and hang. The bag expands or contracts according to how much you wish to grow, and the breathable weave protects and nurtures your sprouts as they grow. It will last for years so you can always grow a garden of beautiful, healthful sprouts and greens. Sproutman’s Sprout Bag mimics the environment of mother earth––porous for water drainage and breathable on all sides, and is naturally resistant to mold and mildew. (Seeds sold separately by the ounce.)

  • Nutrition: Sprouts are baby vegetables in their prime. They have a greater concentration of nutrients including proteins, vitamins and minerals, and enzymes. Contains more protein than lettuce and spinach.
  • Freshness: Eaten when picked. No loss of nutrients sitting on the produce shelf. Great fresh, flavors!
  • Variety: You can grow more varieties of salad greens than are available in the supermarket .Your salads will come alive with flavor!
  • Digestibility: As baby plants, their delicate cell walls easily release elemental nutrients. Abundant enzymes make them easier to digest.
  • Space & Time: It’s Easy! Just add water! No soil. No bugs. No green thumb required. No special lights. One pound grows in only 9 inches of space.
  • Economics: Seeds can multiply many times their weight and you can save money by growing your own rather than buying the grown sprouts. Instead of 1 head of lettuce, you get 1,000′s of micro-lettuce leaves. You can have a delicious 100% Organic Salad 52 weeks a year for only pennies per pound!
* We also sell sprouting seeds separately! We carry Alfalfa seed, Broccoli seed, Radish seed, a salad sprouting seed mix, and a sandwich sprouting seed mix.

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