Peppermint Essential Oil (Starwest)


  • Peppermint is one of the oldest and most widely used essential oils, with its wonderfully cooling, fresh, uplifting menthol scent and herbaceous notes. As aroma therapy it is great for elevating the mood while simultaneously relaxing the mind.  It is very helpful as a steam to aid in the opening of airways and decreasing of congestion. Having antimicrobial properties, it can be helpful to diffuse when you are fighting off a cold or virus. It can be used in physical applications for muscle relaxation and is great for releasing tension, especially tension headaches. Most of the studies on peppermint are on its effects on the digestive tract, reducing nausea and indigestion, however, this would be more appropriately done with the fresh herb in the form of a tea, as the essential oil is highly concentrated.


    Product Details
    • Botanical Name: Mentha piperita
    • Family: Lamiaceae (Mint family)
    • Composition: 100% Pure Peppermint Essential oil
    • Origin: India
    • Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled
    • Cultivation/Harvesting: Organic
    • Plant Part: Aerial parts in flower
    • Bottle Size: 1/3 fl oz (10 mL)
  • How to Use Peppermint Essential Oil

    • Diffuser: Diffuse a few drops in water or on the absorption pad of your diffuser.
    Aromatic Profile and Blending of Peppermint Essential Oil
    • Perfumery Note: Top note (Strong initially, but fades quickly as most top notes.)
    • Odor:  Fresh, cooling, minty, and slightly herbaceous.
    • Blends Well With: Lavender, Lemon, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Marjoram, sandalwood
  • Safety Considerations for Peppermint Essential Oil

    Though it is non-toxic, peppermint may be irritating  to skin and mucous membranes, because of its high menthol content.  Do not use on children younger than 7 years of age. Do not take internally. Do not use directly on any mucous membranes.

    For educational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

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