Yunnan Biayao Jiaonang


Yunnan Biayoa Jiaonang has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for at least 100 years to promote rapid blood coagulation in both human and veterinary care and to support internal and external health. According to traditional Chinese medicine, it has the potential to help disperse stagnant blood, to tonify and invigorate blood, and for alleviating pain. Other known uses in Chinese medicine would include detoxification and swelling as well as a treatment for traumatic injury.


The ingredients listed on the manufacturer’s label in 2011 included: Tienchi ginseng root, Ajuga forrestii Diels plant, Chinese yam root, Dioscoreae nipponica Makino root, Erodium stephanianum and Geranium wilfordii plant, Dioscoreae parvilora ting root, Inula cappa plant.1


Package with 16 capsules

Traditionally, the typical dosing recommendation is 1 capsule (0.25 grams) per 20 lbs orally twice or three times a day.

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